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This thing is NASTY! We wanna keep it so bad. So this weekend made more progress. I’m guessing around 90% ready to send to powder.

Wegot the seats mounted as a starting point. Ditched the oem style bases and made the seats bolt in. Then went to pedals. Fairly easy task.

Then mounted carrier bearing and built driveshaft tunnel. Then the dash bars. The interior lines flow with the hood and look badass sitting in it. Plenty of room for oem speedo cluster on top then tablet below then plenty of room for 10 switches and power plug.

Then on to the steering…always a headache. First…this buggy has the shock therapy race rack going into it. Come to find out we have to plasma cut the spf kit in two places to get it to fit in there. One spot inside the box to clear a corner of the rack. Then the other was to clearance the box away so the steering shaft has room to clear the yoke bolt and nut when turning. Not a big deal but this kit is used in almost every race rzr bouncer out there so it kinda surprised me it didn’t fit as is.Version 1 of @Dirt-Monger hydro steer fit inside this box but the new larger volume ram I don’t think will fit in there. Time will tell as it is on the way to our place to throw in sprinkles. We’ll test fit it in there to see for sure.

Them always fun to wrestle the eps box to find a spot where it’ll fit and not put the steering shaft ujoints in a bind. This compared to a full body-the steering wheel is lower mounted in this so makes it interesting to find a path that the joints don’t bind and clear the pedal bracket. Finished up with the steering wheel mounted. Have to lengthen the steering wheel shaft then it’s all connected.

Steering wheel pedals and seats are basically just tacked in place waiting on final approval from the owner to make sure everything fits him just right.

I absolutely love the feeling you get sitting in this thing. The way the dash comes up into the nose just sets it off. It’s wider than a full body too. Amber sitting in the passenger seat would have to unstrap her harnesses to elbow me orgive Me a what for🤣 the door bars are high enough at the seat to be high doors but the drop as it goes forward really let’s you see the front wheel really good.
Mounting the radiator is gonna be the last “major” thing left to do. Just some other misc mounts and a bed area for a cooler and hopefully enough room for a toolbox and some random brace bars here and there. Then body and dash panels and it should be gtg.
41 - 47 of 47 Posts