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zuke TL1000s RZR swap

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well just got back from seattle, picked up my 2001 suzuki TL1000s motor. came with everything i need except mufflers. wish me luck. will have pics as soon as i make some progress.

i will be keeping the stock tranny for reverse. and 4x4.

shoot me any advice you guys have.

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It's a bummer that the large fuel cell has to take up so much of your bed area.
sorry guys i think i gave out a lil to much premature excitement on accident, the rzr is not done. just started the motor for the first time with it bein in the rig. sorry for the confusion. still lots of work left. :ride:
ColeBrian69, awesome, congrats on Frankenstein's monster coming to life. I have a 2010 RZR S and now with the new 900 XP of course I feel I need more power. Was looking at Holz top end but keeping an eye on builds like this.

Did you loose 4 wheel drive?
Would love to see the video as well as pics of ow your shifting was setup.
Also, what type of riding are you planning on doing?

Once again, nice job.
will still have 4x4, in the proccess of building the jackshaft to get my gearing back to where i want it to be.

and the motor should have TONS of power lots of torque.

and i am solely a trail/woods rider. Well for now!!! :shhh:

and ya the fuel cell is pretty big and takes up alot of the bed, less storage=less beer=less broken parts lol
so what did you do about the chain setup? any pics?
The chain setup in in progress. The trans shaft is bein machined and sprocket mounted. And the jackshaft is still a design rollin around in my head. Im really worried about my super short chains and no way of enclosing them in an oil bath.

Its gettin there slowly. And once the setup is done I will have detailed ppictures of it.

Its all makin me wish that I went with a sled motor. Would have been easier and alot faster of a build

Im really worried about my super short chains and no way of enclosing them in an oil bath.
That is one thing I'm worried about if I ever do this swap. We ride woods, water, mud, rocks ALL the time(never dunes) I want the belt/chain to be enclosed so water, mud, rocks, snow don't screw with it.

I do know that if I do the swap it will be a vtwin sportbike engine though. TLR, TLS, RC51, Superhawk(TLS or hawk most likely)

I'm interested in pics and video of you crawling and climbing around with it when you get it done. Keep up the good work.
im really interested to see how you finish up your boatsides,i will be doing all trails/rocks and it seems like somthing i might need to do as well. the v twin is :smokin:as well they are great motors
finally got some of my parts for my jackshaft heres a couple pics.

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what are you going to do to prevent the chain from heating up?
Bring extra chains. :) can't really do anything about it. No way to oil bath it and no way to run longer chains. I could enclose the right side chain but not the left. Just not enough space unfortunately.

too bad you can't move the engine forward or the trans back so you could run one longer chain direct from the engine to the trans with no jack shaft....
That's how it was originally setup but with the gearing available my top speed would be terrible. Like 50mph at 10k rpms
oh, and you couldnt put a bigger gear on the engine to change the ratio?
The biggest I can run is an 18 and the smallest I would run on the tranny is a 13. That is still way way to low. So im goin with 2 sets of 18 and 13s to get it right.
just thinking out loud here but why couldnt you use a drive belt like off a harley, gates makes them in a gazillion widths and lengths, that would help your heat problem as well as be cleaner, we use them alot where i work for powertrains on big cooling fans, pumps stuff like that they are pretty tough. just thinking out loud probably a little late
Interesting thought but just not enough room to incorperate a belt into where the original sprocket is. Im just hopin the chains hold up for a while. But ill carry spares for worst case scenerios. Wont know how well it all works until I try it. :ride:
do you need the 4x4 or can 2 wheel drive work for you? i found a gear box option that you can run with no chains.
i was doing research for r1 swaps and cam across this transmission/ gearbox. anyone seen this before or heard of it? might be something cool to try out.

heres a link:

mounting options, read more at the site.

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Gotta keep the 4x4. Im a trail and woods guy. So im keepin the stock tranny for 4 hi and low and reverse.
you couldnt add a fix pulley to the engine and tranny and run a high torque belt?
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