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zuke TL1000s RZR swap

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well just got back from seattle, picked up my 2001 suzuki TL1000s motor. came with everything i need except mufflers. wish me luck. will have pics as soon as i make some progress.

i will be keeping the stock tranny for reverse. and 4x4.

shoot me any advice you guys have.

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Do you have any ideas for what you're going to do for the clutch pedal/lever or the shifter? I have a couple ideas floating around, but nothing solid yet
no I totally understand. Those were the ideas floating in my head too, use a morse cable for the shifter and probably put a pedal down by your feet. I don't think I would use the PRNHL shifter much, so it may be relocated and just left in high most of the time. Here's a pic of mine for motivation

Sportbike engine/trans's have a primary reduction off the crankshaft of around 2:1, and 10-15k RPM redline is irrelevant, the countershaft is spinning roughly the same speed of the stock RZR engine. IDK if you have done the math, 1:1 from my countershaft to the trans input shaft would put 6th gear at about 40 mph, we are going to push the issue and see if I can get 85 with a billet jackshaft that my buddy is working on...basically 2 chains, and 4 sprockets, overdriving a total of around 2.125:1 (85 mph). There's another guy that did this but didn't do a jackshaft, I believe he was 18:11 and was about stock top speed. I am really worrying about overheating the chain, but I will see if I can just buy the best of the best chain/sprockets and if they last a season, that would be awesome. If not, we will have to encapsulate the setup and do an oil bath or do an oil squirter onto the chain.
not yet, it bolts to the engine and has 2 big sealed bearings in it, with a shaft going through it that will have a hub that the gears go on. It's my machinist buddys project, that he was supposed to finish before he quit at the machine shop...4 months ago. It has been the major reason why I lost motivation in the project, but he's supposed to be getting lathes and mills soon so hopefully it won't be the bottleneck of the whole project...

There was a thread on the forum about different gears for the transmission, but IDK if anything ever became of them. They weren't 100% different than stock, just maybe 10-20% if I remember right, and too expensive for me especially when it wouldn't accomplish what I wanted.

edit: I know about the tire issue, I'm going to have to track down some front wheels for the back, the back wheels have too much backspacing to clear the exhaust at droop and head at bump!
correct, I'm looking at two seperate sets of 19/13 ...or one being 18/13 and the other 19/13.

I suppose spacers are an option as well but I personally like the idea of having 4 wheels/tires sized the same.
lookin good! It's amazing how much room there's NOT! I almost wonder if I should have done a V-twin as well, yours seems to fit in there better than mine.
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