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Thanks to a smashing deal by @HardlineUTV I am now setup with a dual rate spring kit from Zbroz! Figured I would share my setup notes here.

2021 XP Turbo 2. 427.6 mi, 42.1 hrs.

Zbroz (WP Dynamics) P/N: K25-PL1005-17

Kit arrived in great shape, 2-3 day shipping up to AK which is awesome. Instructions are included which are straightforward and include starting points for preload and crossover settings. We put the suggested settings to a 43 mile test and it rode fantastic! Much much better than stock. Immediate wifey-approval. We rode with shock settings 3 clicks from soft (16 available).

I will likely make a few light adjustments, probably add a small amount of additional preload, get the rear to 0.5" lower than front, soften shock settings and re-adjust rear crossovers to match (front uses a flipped spring divider for automatic crossover / no adjustments available). Nothing big, and will log all changes here.

Otherwise for install, the front dividers and lower retainers are both replaced, but the rear re-uses OEM dividers/retainers with the addition of crossover rings.

Install time was about 5 hours, taking time to clean everything, building some quick spring compressors, setting preload/crossovers etc.

Few pics of stock (preloaded) vs rear (no preload yet). When installed the OEM front tenders were completely clapsed, as is common. Not anymore!


Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Plant Coil spring Tree


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I also added 2 machinery bushings to each on either side of the dividers, an idea stolen from the chronicles of SNWMBL. This prevents the springs from wearing into the divider, as we have seen in more than a few posts, and allows easier clocking of the springs.

Fastenal P/N: 11122170. $5.07 each currently.

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I removed the entire shock assemblies to work on my bench, although you can do it by just removing the lower shock mounts and work directly on the rig, 18mm rear, 15mm front. I remove preload with the upper mount gently in a vice and UTV Inc WE spanner wrenches (beefier than the OEM included wrenches).

I worked rears at the same time, then fronts. Remove old spring stacks on each, installed new tenders, dividers/bushings, mains, lower retainers, hand tightened preload rings to snug and reinstalled in the rig, leaving her on jack stands for preload and rear crossover settings.

Instructions note to set preload with downward pressure on the hub, hence bolting up both shock mounts before setting preload and rear crossover height while on the rig.

Suggested preload on front is 6 turns, which added 0.5" preload, rear is 8 turns which add 0.75". I may bump preload up 2-3 turns F and 3-5 turns on rear or so, will note when i do, and take more accurate height measurements. A quick read after driving to settle was 15.5" front, 14.75" rear.

Before setting preload (preload rings just snug to tender), thread measurement above crossover rings was:

Front: 1-11/16"
Rear: 2-3/8"

Suggested rear crossover setting is 4.75" from top of divider to bottom of the crossover, this nets me 2.75" measured at ride height. Front crossover is controlled by the flipped divider, since it isn't adjustable I didnt measure it under preload only, but at ride height the divider is ~0.5" from the preload adjuster. I assumed I would have a little more room here, but it looks ok based on some other posts (open to opinions always). And feels fine so far. I did see one thread where a diver was trimmed 1/4" or so to add crossover height, jury is out on that one. Note the machinery bushings do also add 1/8" crossover in therory by raising the spring off the divider.

Front settled:

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Light Synthetic rubber

Rear settled:

Tire Automotive tire Hood Tread Synthetic rubber

For setting preload, my spanner wrenches do work but they take some time when on the rig, especially the fronts which i can only move 1/8 of a rotation or so at a time when installed, so i fabricated some spring compressors with old ratchet straps I had laying around and then adjusted preload rings by hand. I never throw these things out. WD-40'd back in shape, removed the long end and cut the hook off the short end which gives just enough length to wrap around the spring and into the ratcheting end, throw a rag behind it and voila. You do need 2 to apply even pressure otherwise the spring binds. Worked great.

Automotive tire Camera lens Camera accessory Cameras & optics Auto part

Once installed i took a ride up and down the driveway to settle the suspension for measurements, noted i had some rub already on the LR, black spring marks in preload threads, divider was slightly slanted. I rotated the tender to be exactly 180 degrees of the main as far as spring ends and that looks much better, no noticable rub on the 43 mile test ride, and all stayed in place.

Springs included:

Rear Mains: 230x1600x250
Rear Tenders: 30x1000x250

Front Mains: 230-1400-250

However the front tenders have engraved:

"DRA-3X3 5-PRO"
"7-K 800-1600"

Automotive tire Wood Tread Automotive lighting Camera lens

Ready to roll!

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Plant

Comments/adds welcome. Are your preload and crossover settings similar, what did you settle on, etc!


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This is good stuff. Currently thinking about doing this and there is so much out there about not just doing the tenders and doing the whole setup etc. At less than half the price of a complete job it sounds like its a good bang for buck. Of course like you said I will also be judged by my wonderful wife while holding her favorite beverage in her vacuum insulated sippy cup😂 while looking for that one song on her blue tooth. Can I add she also thinks every single one of these mods I do she seems to think we just peeled them on like the stickers on our coolers. 5 hour shock job or 5 minute mirror install “But when are we gonna get the pretty lights that ‘THEY’ have”

Sounds like this upgrade is for you! Bang for the buck is great on these dual rate spring kits. Take it one step further and re-valve/refresh the OE shocks, if you need. Entirely new beast.

My wife is also sure ALL the mods are for her. I spend 15 hours under the rig, new suspension, axles, etc, and she goes "I'm driving". Ha! Maybe later..
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