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Wasteland Performance just finished another Z-1 conversion over the weekend for Sand Sports Unlimited! 240HP on pump gas! Enjoy Toby! It was great working with you!!
We're rolling out some new package pricing and options, lets get a Z-1 in your RZR!
$14,999, we will pick up your machine from anywhere in continental US, ship to our shop, install kit, and ship back to you. Includes brand new 2012 Z1 turbo engine. 4 week turn around with shipping

Expedited service is $1500, and you get 2 week turn around.

Z1 turbo install kit is $4,750

Using a used 2009-2011 z1 engine under 1500 miles, package is $11,999

Using a used 2009-2011 z1 engine over 1500 miles, but no more than 3500 miles, package is $9,999.

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for 10k what all do u get(i know engine over 1500 less than 3500) Do u still pick it up and ship it back?
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