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WTB Muzzy Exhaust! If youve upgraded to a turbo and had to take yours off or just have one taking up space please PM me, Let me know a fair price and see if we cant wheel and deal..(Must be a Muzzy, Getting Holtz stage 3, no others please).... Thanks, Mike

& dont worry about payment if you have one im liking interest in your item, I will have my assistant send you a check, First Im just need your name, address, telephone number, Social Security Number, and Credit score. I will make check for $500,000 yu can cash it and keep rest just please send 1/2 with Mozzy. I have chosen you because I have you inharited 1,000,000 US dollars and need you to be the executer of the mazzy exhaust system item. I just moved here to your great powerful country and I havnt got my papers so If you would include a K&T Turbo I can sign over your estate to the bank allowing us to be partners. Thank you very much, We are greatful for our email to buy your Item.

Prince Harry Mahtikawandi Jones
East Nigerian Federal Buerow of Reazor Antiquities.
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