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Just to keep you members and future readers in the loop - I’ve got some info to share from this afternoon in regards to the Wetsounds Stealth 10 HD.

As many of you may, or may not, know the Wetsounds bars are notorious for killing batteries. The directions have you hook direct to battery and the amplifier utilizes an auto disconnect feature after a period of inactivity. Unfortunately the bars still draw enough current to kill the battery over a period of time.

To mitigate this I ran all of my accessory grounds to a buss bar under the seat, then to a mechanical Perko on/off switch and then back to battery. In hindsight I should have just ran them straight to the frame after the switch, but I digress.

Last weekend I turn off the Perko switch and the Soundbar is still on! I replaced the switch and it still is on. I disconnect the Soundbar ground and it’s still playing music. My remote wire has constant 1.5v going to it, which I find strange along with a litany of other occurrences.

Long story (semi)short - I narrow it down to the Soundbar itself. It grounded itself right to the roll cage! Not sure how this happened, but I’m hoping others with battery issues may want to verify their bars didn’t do the same thing. I wouldn’t think the case should be able to ground like that, so I’ve got to contact wetsounds to see what’s up.
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