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After contemplating buying materials to cool down the interior of my ride I decided to just order the
Wolfsnout cool kit. I watched the you tube video and figured all the material is cut and shaped ready to roll. Ordered it waited a couple days for it to be delivered and me and the wife installed it.

I it took about an hour maybe little longer to install the majority of it, left a few of the stick on pieces for the firewall off due to the surfaces being a little to dirty we will throw them on after the next ride and wash.

It was a pretty easy install the only hitch is wrestling the biggest piece of the kit into the tunnel but with a little cussing it went in. I think we will still use metal/reflective tape on the inside of the tunnel at some point but we didn't have any on hand so next time.

Riding tomorrow and its suppose to be the hottest day of the week here in MN so we will see if it helped and I will report back.


After installing the cool kit I got to checking all my fluids, I had not checked the trans or front diff yet (900 mile) and I think I should have checked them when I got home from the dealer. Transmission was fine, front diff not so much.

I took the plug outta the front diff and couldn't see any fluid!! Couldn't reach any with my pinky but did find some after using an Allen wrench to reach down into the diff. Ran tp the dealer got some juice and added 350 ml (i think) one full medium sized syringe.

Thanks Polaris for adding the right amount of fluid!! I shouldn't have been surprised did the wheel bearings last week and you probably know how much old grease didn't come out.

Shoulda listened to the forums and checked all this right away.
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