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Winch accessory kit

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I am gearing up to go on a wheeling trip this weekend and have been looking at different winch accessory kits. Anyone have experience with the different kits out there good or bad? There is a $40 kit on ebay that is very tempting but I question the quality: ATV Winch Accessory Kit with 8000 LB Snatch Block VJ: eBay Motors (item 380273332815 end time Sep-30-10 04:23:49 PDT)
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You can make your own, just go to a Tractor Supply or whatever supply store in your area and U can find just about anything U want, often cheaper too.
Even if they are a little more money, at least you can check them out and will have them NOW and not wait for them to come via the brown truck.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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