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Will plug in comp cut Sand Blasters hold?

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I knew my luck was bad but geezzz. First ride out on my comp Paddla Brats on my quad last season got a small tear and now first ride on comp cut Sand Blasters and got a small tear on one too. I know its bad luck as these hold up well in most cases. Even more irritating is I though it was a bad valve stem initially as it fell apart when I was initially looking for the leak source but now its obvious it is not after I replaced the stem.

Anyways, think there is enough carcass to hold a plug in the Sand Blaster comp cut? I think there are 4 plys so hopefully it will but not sure with my extra power. It is towards the side wall but about an inch away. Its really small just few mm where it is leaking out. A plug did not hold long in the sinlge ply Paddla Brats when I tried it on my quad.

Will get ahold of Dave at Fullerton in the morning but thought would see if anyone has tried as not many of us running these yet.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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