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Wich lift

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I need a couple more inches of ground clearance just wondering what lift i should buy i was looking for about two inches thanx
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I've also been interested in lifting both of my RZR's. The only reason i havent done it is i'm worried about problems. Do 3" lifts put more stress on axles/joints etc? I want my machine to be as durable as possible which means none of the bigger lift kits are an option. I also dont want to lose speed or have my axles heat up. Can anyone with a 3" kit let me know their experience please?
I second the question about wheel spacers? If anyone has any suggestions on a bullet-proof lift setup, i'm open to anything. i would even be open to looking at a wider/higher kit. i am running stock suspension still. i dont need any of the extremely wide kits that you dune-boys are running. im a back woods/some crawling kind of guy. i would love more ground clearance, better ride and a lift for water crossings. sorry for the long message, this thread got me all excited again....
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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