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Who are we and what are we building...

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We wanted to throw out some information about who we are and what we are planning to do when we launch UTVRidingParks.com

The website is being developmed and managed by JoomGO! Web Design, Site Management, Social Media | Cincinnati, Ohio - a web design and site management company that has ties to the UTV industry as a sponsor for the UTV Rally Raid racing series by Quantum Racing Inc.

As we all know there are some other sites that provide a directory of riding parks around the US, we wanted to take it a few steps further and provide a unique experience and other cool features in a website.

Without going into a ton of detail, the concept is 2 fold. It will be a marketing tool for riding parks and a research tool for riders. Our goal is to provide an experience for a rider looking for a park to ride that they've never been. A lot of time goes into planning a vacation, looking for a cool new place to ride or organizing an event for a group of friends. We are going to tie the parks and riders together in a unique way to help you find new places, organize events, provide reviews for other riders to help them out - among some other features. We'll be integrating social media, our forum on here and other advertising avenues to help drive riders to the site and have a voice to the riders of where to go, what's going on and upcoming events around country.

We plan to launch the site for beta testing in August as we want to make sure our site is giving you guys the information you want, make it easy for you to get information and provide your own information to the site when it comes to reviews, organizing events, getting discounts and other cool features we are thinking.

As always, we will always take feedback to the design table when finishing up the site and upcoming rollouts for new features to the site.

Anyways, we wanted to say Hi and throw out some information about what we are doing. You can visit our Facebook page and "Like" it to get ongoing information about our project: http://www.facebook.com/UTVRidingParks

"Lets Go Riding!"
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