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Which one to get RZR 4 Lifts, Racer Tech vs. EMP lift

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Can I get some feed back on the two:

Extreme Metal Products, LLC


Polaris RZR 4 2 Lift Kit$215.99 - Polaris RZR Accessories

My suspension has started to settle, so now it's time to lift it back up. Also does any of the vendors offer a rzrforums discount on the the product?

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I went with the EMP one. I finally got around to installing it this weekend. We're headed to moab next weekend, so I'll be able to see what kind of difference it makes. I'll have to do some testing on the binding issue. I think I can probably back my front springs off some more if there is any minding, that should take care of it. I also purchased 27" big horns to give me a just a bit more.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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