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When to drive in High vs. Low...

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I've been told by a few people that driving in Low whenever possible will help the belt last longer, but I can't bring myself to drive faster than 10 or 12 mph in Low because the RPM's sound too high. so the question is... when is it good to drive in Low, and how fast can you drive in Low? Is it really going to help the belt last longer to drive in Low?
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Generally I have a feel for when to shift down that you will aquire with time and experience. In most situations anything above 15 mph is good for high but if you are in knarly slow going stuff especially in 4wd low is the way to go. It boils down to how hard the engine is pulling at low speed that dictates when to use low to make it easier on the transmission and at those low speed hard pull situations will cause the belt to slip and get hot that can be avoided in low range. Also for going down steep hills using low for those RZRs still with engine breaking it does a great job of holding your speed down saving the brakes. I realize not all RZRs have EBS. Also low should be used any time you drive up steep ramps. As an afterthought anytime you smell burning rubber coming from the clutch cover you should have used low and will likely need a new belt soon. Hope that helps answer you question, gerry
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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