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When to drive in High vs. Low...

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I've been told by a few people that driving in Low whenever possible will help the belt last longer, but I can't bring myself to drive faster than 10 or 12 mph in Low because the RPM's sound too high. so the question is... when is it good to drive in Low, and how fast can you drive in Low? Is it really going to help the belt last longer to drive in Low?
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One time after taking a break out behind Olds in a group of 7 or 8 rzr, we all took off thru the dunes. I was right behind the leader. He was cruising pretty fast, like usual.
Was wondering why it sounded different ? And why I could only get going 30-35mph max wfo :rofl3: After a minute figured it out. I had put it in low instead of high, not realizing it.
Brain fart. Man i felt like an idiot. My passenger was laughing his ass off.
So low will go 30-35mph at max wot. :rofl3:

Doesn't seem like low is needed in most dune situations.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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