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Hi, figured I would introduce myself here and let you all know what my idea is for my business and what I try to offer every one of my customers.

My name is Paul Devitt, my wife and I opened our business a couple years ago now but I have been building ATV lift kits for about 6 years I would guess, ever since I bought my first "NEW" ATV in 2004, been riding for a couple years longer than that. As a profession, I am a certified Machinist and precision grinder by trade and have worked in the same shop since I finished high school (20 long years ago LOL). I was hired on with a 4 year apprenticeship and loved learning everything I have and continue to learn in the machining/grinding trade as well as the new things I learn about ATV's and UTV's each day. I put my skills to use when I needed to lift my own machine and everyone that saw what I built was so impressed that they all wanted me to make them a kit, and so on and so on and now here we are LOL.

Anyways, back to topic, what will YOU get from RDC?

You will get the best customer service we can possibly offer, ranging from rush trips to deliver your product, to tweaking and modifying a current product to better suit your individual needs when possible and taking a phone call at just about any hour of the day/night just to mention a few off the top of my head. You will always get the strongest most heavy duty lift kit you can find from us as we are always trying to "out do" any one with strength in the design, and you will usually see a much nicer price for a better product when you shop with us. You will always feel very satisfied with your dealings with our company, if you are not pleased, we will do everything it takes to make you a happy customer, a return customer and someone that will be proud to say you dealt with us. We are very passionate about what we make and we stand behind everything 110%

Also, keep an eye out for discounts or sales, we tend to do this every once in a while.

Thanks and we are happy to be a part of the RZR Forums sponsers.

Paul Devitt
rubberdown customs
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