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So if you tune, and I have, I too suggest Mike at AA. Great service. Just great. But this isn't even in the top 10 of things to do first. Or so I suspect.

Mind you I DO NOT KNOW enough about the 2020, but to date POO has not delivered proper springs on anything. Unless that has changed, I would seriously start there. Mind you I've an '18, but I've done all this already, and my tune has had the least return for me. And remember, I think the world of AA.

Next, be aware the fuel burn on a tune is otherwordly. Until Mike got me a modified tune my stage 2 burned roughly twice as much fuel as the stock guys. This can, and for me did, put a real big crimp in outings. Were it not for Mike I would have had to return to stock. Point: Talk to Mike about fuel burn if you're going on more than a half day remote outing. And bring fuel.

Finally, I honestly think I should have clutched before the tune. I too am running 30's and mine seem to be heavy. I also have bumpers front and back as well as a winch. (all of which I would add before a tune), and a front winshield I can fold up when it rains. All this adds weight, and the tires both rob HP and push it's gearing up. So yea, I'd like to see another 500 RPM before he clutch engaged, and I'd like to slow down the shift-out a little as well. Not a lot, for all this affects fuel burn and noise level.

Would I still tune mine? Yes, but I did mine first and it was simply not the correct first mod. Heck, I would have done my headlight mod first.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts