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What's up guys.. Picked myself up a Turbo S Dynamix this morning and was curious what are some things i should bring with me when going on a ride?(besides a couple cold ones) tools, parts, etc... Been riding dirt bikes for a few years so i know you can never be to prepared. Thanks!

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Loaded question, LOL. Congrats on the new ride, you steeped up for a first machine! I have the same rig been doing the SXS thing for...holy cow 10 years? playing in the dirt for...well too long.
Anyway my answer is...it depends. If you are never going to be more than a mile from camp and your truck you can go light. We frequently are at the limits of 1/2 the gas tank, and out of cell service, so I haul a ton of stuff.
I bought a 8 gallon Rubbermaid Action Packer, in it is a quart each of oil, front diff and trans lube. A small funnel to get the stuff in. Tow strap. A little bottle jack and I carry about 20 ft of bailing wire, a roll of duct tape, a big handfull of zip ties, a ziplock bag with assorted nuts/bolts and a handful of hose clamps. There are two 8 inch 2x6s in the bottom to support the jack. Two spare belts, both broken in, a scotch brite pad and about 4 oz of rubbing alcohol to clean the sheaves, a wad of paper towels. Some fuses, a couple lengths of primary wire and a pretty stout hammer, a breaker bar and a short extension with 6 1/2 drive sockets. A tie rod end. A small mirror on a flexible handle. I think there is a tube of hand cleaner in there. JB quik weld. Two tire plug kits. Two spark plugs.
The action packer is full.
I have a little tool bag with the usual stuff including the factory tool kit. I keep it doubled in two zip lock bags to keep the dust off. I have a jump box/compressor combo in ziplocks, and a 4 day survival kit in a small backpack also in zips. I can arrange everything so a smaller RTIC soft side ice chest will just fit.
If just cruising around I leave the Action packer in camp. there is a 3rd emergency only belt stashed in the roof.
When I weighed it all to get new springs for the XP1000 we moved up from last year it weighed 100 lbs...Action packer, jump box tools survival kit and ice chest.
Flashlights are in the glove box.

My gang all carry similar load outs if we are making a long ride. On those kind of trips it isn't unusual for us to be 40 miles out...so we wanna be able to do what needs to be done to get everyone back.
Lots of junk for sure.

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I have a Polaris Lock-N-Ride box on the back. Inside the box:
Tool kit in a Apache 2800 box (mix of commonly used sockets and wrenches, a ratchet wrench from Harbor Freight that has an extendable handle and handles both 1/4 and 3/8 sockets, a couple adjustable end wrenches, needle nose and regular pliers, tire plug kit, small jumper cables, small 12 volt air compressor, extra fuses, electric tape, extra wire...and probably a few more things I'm forgetting)
First Aid kit in a Apache 1800 box (bandaids, OTC meds, bandages, tourniquet, 4 inch Israeli pressure dressing
Toilet paper and hand sanitizer in a plastic coffee can
Gorilla duct tape in plastic bag
Sheath knife-currently a Old Timer Sharpfinger

In the bed:
Metal 5 liter NATO oil can holding a gallon of gas
Plastic ammo can size case with a white gas stove, military stainless canteen cup, silverware, matches and lighters
Piscifun waterproof bag with extra clothes, hammock, sleep gear

Also carry an extra belt, paper maps of the area I'm riding in, Garmin GPSMAP 64st, military compass, Stanley Adventure cooler 16qt, 20ft tow strap

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how about an emergency tent and emergency sleeping bags for all riders? think about having to spend the night out in the wilderness cuz u broke down too far out just before sundown. hard for a family to survive the night in close to freezing temperatures. tire plugs, compressor, fire starter and a personal locator beacon just in case one of you has a health risk or injury.

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Every location or trip will be different. But my main riding spots in the desert I know the areas well and can get to areas with cell service and call for help or hike to the truck.

But typical load out is a bigger tactical style backpack packed with: spare belt, tools to change belt. Few basic hand tools, zip ties, knife, flashlight, tire plugs, small air compressor, gun for self defense, toilet paper, first aid kit. We also always ride with a small ice chest with water/drinks, food. I’ll probably update it with some smaller survival things, like emergency shelter which is nice and small to pack away, it’s just hard to choose what to pack as space is limited and fills fast.,

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For me the must haves are:
First Aid Kit, Medications, paper towels in a ZipLoc, toilet paper if the wife is with, plenty of drinking water, some protien/energy bars, survival knife, 100' of paracord, zip ties, electrical tape, leather work gloves, nitrile gloves, firer starter, cell phone, GPS, flash light, batteries.

The should haves include tools, fuel, towing and recovery items.

A big thing I preach is medications, if you or someone who rides with you needs allergy meds or other medications, be prepared and make sure you have them with.

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Here’s my list and it’s a truck load
SK 1/4” socket set metric and standard
SK 3/8” socket set metric and standard
electrical wire with complete set of terminals and crimpers
tire plugs Nealy brand
superatv winch recovery kit with extra 50 foot winch cable
2 ton bottle jack
Noco battery jumper with all cables
ball joints
wheel bearings
spare tire mounted on wheel
wrenches of every size metric and standard
chisels, punches
electrical tape
first aide kit
air compressor
belts (2)
hydrogen peroxide
break over bar 1/2” drive
snap ring pliers
All this is stuffed into my Isota cargo box. Love it just wish it were bigger

Wifes RZR
rachet straps
glass cleaner and microfiber towels
engine, front diff and transmission oil (Amsoil)
grease gun
first aide kit
All in her Isota cargo box. Has a little room left
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