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For anybody that actually reads in here...........

It's finally here, the new "HD" Spring Brake Thingy that mounts up to most every Polaris model made, most, not all.......yet.

For those of you looking for an affordable, easy to install, parking brake for your Rzr, its now here.

This new unit will mount up to all the 570, 800, 900, 1K, and Turbo models, even the Ranger models.

Mounts up in minutes, easy to use, and locks your brakes for those times when you need to get out and look at the trail in front of you, or for trailering to protect your transmission from damage of the gears banging against each other.
Check it out at Spring Brake Thingy, the "HD" version.

Most folks know that a parking brake is much needed, so here is your shot to get a very affordable, very reliable, and simple to use unit.

Thanks for checking us out,
Spring Brake Thingy
21 - 24 of 24 Posts