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Well, I got to ask what someone else has their spring setup on ... I ran from the bottom of the red end cap to the screw on top of the spring......a measurement of 2 1/2 inches in front and 2 3/4 inches in rear. Looks to be a good ground clearance. shocks are set on 2 clicks from soft. Keep in mind I am at 50'' width. What is working for everyone else's Walker Evans setup...?

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I upgraded to the S width from 50" using WER shocks when stock I moved the springs softer by 3/4" and ran at 5 clicks from soft.
Using the same shocks with the superatv long travel kit I run at 7 clicks from soft and
35mm from the red to the top of the spring bolt for the fronts and 45mm on the rears.
I was bottoming out with the rears at 35mm.
Also I added some better bump stops and like them.
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