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Just in case any of you guys also own an Arctic ATV, here is one of our new products, our Heavy Duty Rear Diff Cover (we have the front ATV Diff covers and rear Prowler diff covers coming soon as well)

I know that the few dealerships and service shops I have used for even minor work such as a seal change, bearing change or just about anything that seems very simple has always ended up costing me at least an hour at their inflated shop rate.

This procedure takes about 30 minutes (taking my time to ensure I don't make any boo boo's, see last picture). This "approximate" 30 minutes includes heating up the bearing area as well as the vent tube area to make it an easier fit. I have made a tool for each of the 3 installed parts for a nice even press fit (again, see the last pic for reasons why a nice custom tool should be used).

Our rear Arctic Cat Heavy Duty diff cover retails for $229 with shipping included. HOWEVER, after reading a few things and even a customers request, we are going to offer extra Value Added Service ;)

The new bearing, seal and vent tube fitting all cost (in Ontario) $81.56 with taxes, BUT we do get a little bit of a dealer discount from a local Cat dealer, so my cost on the 3 parts (your cost too) works out to $70 out the door...... BUT WAIT, THERE's MORE (such a late night infomercial cliche LOL) I will install all 3 new parts at NO CHARGE!

So options are $229 shipped for just the Heavy Duty cover, or $300 shipped with brand new seal, bearing and vent tube fitting installed. Please allow 3 or 4 business days to get the new parts in stock if you intend to order a cover fully loaded with the bearing, seal and vent tube.




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