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UTVinc.com Wide Doors COMING SOON

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Hey guys thanks for all the orders for our new trail legal 50" wide RZR doors and since we have had so many ordered already Ive had the guys working overtime to get our wide version of our easy open easy close doors going too... heres some pictures and we should be able to start shipping these in two to three weeks so If you want yours right away please place your order now with nick

599.95 PowderCoated Satin Black

Trail Doors

Wide Doors

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thought you where going to buy black plastic
I'd like to see more pics when they are fully fabbed, including latching mechanism and panel shot from the inside. Thanks.
Cant wait to see the finished product. Been looking at door options.
they are coming along fast proto type is done brackets and tab are cut just need to get the fixtures done ...
2 sets of this run still available... get em while we got em.
Which ones? Wide or trail? If wide, I'd like to see more pics and specs before ordering...
The wide ones i have 2 sets left, the trail i have 3 sets left
Thanks - any chance you could post pics of the finished product for the wide ones, including latches and inside of panel, along with total weight?
they are the exact same as the trail doors ... same everything just wider so so might add 1 to 2 pds of weight to the wide door for extra materail
but i will get pictures as they get done
Thanks - I'm always a little leery about buying things sight-unseen. I don't see any latch or inside panel pics of trail doors on your site, or any reference to door weight.

BTW, regarding the cool lift-up removal feature, once latched is that secure so that it won't pop out in the event of a roll-over? In other words, I see in your nice video that it lifts out easily for removal of the door when opened, but I don't want to risk having that door come off when I don't want it to.
you are correct they will only lift off when opened 70 or so degrees .. ill get the link for the trail door thread so you can read it
inside pictures and other info in that thread if you need more info let me know
Sweet - thanks Johnny. I assume they come with instructions, but how much drilling, if any, is required for fastening doors to RZR body?
41 - 60 of 146 Posts
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