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UTVinc.com Wide Doors COMING SOON

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Hey guys thanks for all the orders for our new trail legal 50" wide RZR doors and since we have had so many ordered already Ive had the guys working overtime to get our wide version of our easy open easy close doors going too... heres some pictures and we should be able to start shipping these in two to three weeks so If you want yours right away please place your order now with nick

599.95 PowderCoated Satin Black

Trail Doors

Wide Doors

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These will lift off when open like the trail doors right?
If so, put me down for one set please!
I just talked to Willie! My order is in!
is the hinge of the wide doors angled out?
Will that make the doors open angled down?

Wide Doors
I am excited to see how they will look on my RZR!
Glad you put pic's up. When you said that they looked the same but only wider. I dont know if its the pic's or it is right but does the upper door tube on the wide door is pretty horizontal opposed to the regular doors drop slightly to the front then go up?
the narrow doors (orange RZR) look a little lower than the wide doors (black RZR)... but both look good!

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clifford, I was talking about the height of the top door frame. But thanks, and yes they both look GREAT.
ummmm ya,, I know what you were talking about... that is why I looked up both pictures to compare.
I think you are right, the narrow doors look a little lower at the top.
I installed my UTV Inc wide doors today.
Going to try them out on the sand tomorrow!
Go Ducks!

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I have always liked shiny wheels, but I am considering taking off the red and white stickers on the stock plastics...

The doors mount on the A pillar, B pillar, and one spot just in front of the seat.
They do fit 2011.
1 - 9 of 146 Posts
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