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Just a few of the cars we are currently working on.

Getting ready to make some roofs.

Polaris RZR-XP UHMW Skid Plates getting ready to be routered.

Eric is working on a new custom part for a customer.. we will be back to this.

Arctic Cat Wildcat dash bar w/ V intrusion bracing, coming soon!

Erik getting ready to start welding up a nuke cage.

Polaris RZR-XP 4 add on rear cage getting welded up by Craig today.

Sams Polaris RZR-XP4 BMF Expedition cage package getting welded up.

Dans Polaris RZR 4 radius cage getting welded up today.

Just doing some TIG welding, we only TIG our parts.

Justin is cleaning up the tabs from the waterjet.

Some cars we are working on today.

Vinces RZR-XP in for Cognito shocks and sway bar. Getting ready for Glamis!

Robs Wildcat is in for doors, gusset kit, harnesses, harness bar, parking brake.

Skat-Trak 26x12x12 9 Paddle Extremes are finally in! A few sets left!

Sams RZR-XP4 going under the knife for a UTV Inc make over.

Kirk is putting Michelles RZR-S back together today. Cage, doors, light bar, etc.

RZR 4 Doors are back in stock and shipping same day again!

Making some aluminum roofs.

Patiently waiting for their turn.

Swingarm1s new part that Eric is working on.

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Swingarm1 new part that Eric is working on.

It's NICE... I asked Johnny if he could build me a custom cover... Eric made just what I wanted... It's BAD AZZ...

Thank you Johnny & Eric...

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I'm tired of all the lame "Reality" shows about senior vs junior, guys buying beat up cars /trucks and fixing them up to turn a quick buck, and lastly, the antique hunter looking in old barns & sheds looking for the next big sale.

It's time that UTV Inc goes prime time, a show of what goes on inside the new shop, the new product fabrications, unique UTV builds, and all the behind the scenes drama.... What's up, do we need to send the Discovery Channel producers out to Az to create the next big show about one of the fastest growing sports. You've got the nice new shop, now you all need your own reality show to tie it all together....

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