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I was down at US 27 motorsports and trailer last weekend to check out the event. They held one this spring that was off the chains, they do sand and mud drags, mud bog that's almost impossible to get threw(but still very fun) and a obstacle course. They only allow UTV and ATV to run at the event. It was a great time watching everyone put there machines to the test.
They're will be a spring mud national event next year hope to see you out there!
Check the video out and let me know what you think.
And watch the RZR 4 at the end! He's going for it all No Guts No Glory!

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You know what's funny guy's is i started a thread on here with the heading:
What do you consider a demo. Well guess what, thats the demo 2010 they were offering me, has about a 1000 miles on it. Larry shame on you for offering me that 2010 for 12,400.00, when there is a 2010 with no miles for 13,100.00 a couple hours away.
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