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So my son was out on a poker run this past weekend, and put his 2019 XPT on it's top. Caught a bush in a turn, and over it went-and rolled on it's top.
maybe 15 MPH- he is banged up but seatbelt was on (thankfully) no broken bones but dislocated shoulder and collar bone.:sad

Bent the roll bar and alot of plastic- rash wounds.
He said once the rzr was on it's top he reached down and shut the motor off right away.
Was on it roof for 2-3 Minutes (Motor off) and we pushed it back onto it's wheels-

Went and got the trailer and and he fired his rzr up ( I told him NO) and loaded it. water temp was 240.

When we got home I pulled the airbox and it had oil- Air filter has oil in it and probably drained on the airbox as it filled the heat shield up when I pull the airbox cover off. I pulled the dipstick and it had a level but way way low (expected that)
The antifreeze bottle is over full and came out the over flow,and is even with the top where the cap fit's.
Checked the antifreeze again this morning, and it's still over full Bottle is full.

SO questions-

I see there is a bleeder on the motor for the antifreeze system on the block ( owners manual) and do you think any oil made it's way to the turbo?

Have not fired it up since- pulled the drain plug for the oil, and going to replace with new.
I imagine the MAP sensor needs cleaned now and the intake to the motor We are pulling that tube to clean oil film out.( doesn't look like much but I know some probably oil made it's way down.

My son is OK, took him to the chiropractor this morning, pretty sore but he is very lucky.

What else should we watch out for or do before firing up the motor?

Hope it's not toast... 700 miles and just a shame......

Thanks for any input.

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Sounds like you have a good plan. I wouldn't be to concerned with it all just make sure you don't have an Air lock in the cooling system. I'm curious to know if you had factory seatbelts or harnesses. I've got a good friend that flipped his a couple of flips and it broke his collarbone. He had factory seatbelts.
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