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After the recent thread on fuel capacity I emailed IMS Products and asked if their 5 gallon aux tank setup was confirmed to work on the turbo cars, and asked if they had figured out a solution for the battery relocation problem. Apparently the previous kit put the battery in conflict with the turbo system.
I got a response from Daniel Carlos at IMS and he responded that the tank system will indeed work on the turbo cars and that within the last few months they had redesigned the battery relocation kit and what they have now WILL work on the XP Turbo and the Turbo S.
This is the way I am going to go when I get down to this issue on my, "things to do", list.
Thought you guys might want to know, there was a discussion earlier about options for hauling extra fuel. This looks like a no brainer to me. 5 gallons more fuel. Apaprently the kit requries the use of a specific Odyssey Battery. If you are interested check it out. www.imsproducts.com
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