This rack is 13 feet long by 66 inches wide inside the rails. The front and back rails are removable. I had this rack built by a professional metal fabrication shop, this is not a back-yard project. The welder is airframe certified and every single weld is perfect. People who know welding and fabrication have stopped me many times over the years and said “that thing is beautiful”. The whole rack and all parts are powder coated.

I had it made so I could haul my 4-seat RZR on the rack and more quads, bikes, etc... in the toy-hauler garage. Life has changed, doing other things, I just don’t use or need it anymore.

My GMC Sierra is a 2011. That’s an LML which was built between 2011 and 2016. The rack attaches to the front bumper pockets where the tow hooks go. The tow hooks are bolted in. Slide them out and the rack front brackets use the same bolts/holes. The rear bolts onto the the front/top rail of the truck bed. The only truck modification needed is drilling a few holes in the truck bed rail to hold the rear bracket in place. You could clamp it too.

The whole thing is really in four main parts; 1) the rack bed. 2) front attachment bracket. 3) rear attachment bracket. 4) front and rear legs. I have a shop hoist I use but 6 guys can lift it too. I'm also open to selling the hoist in the pictures.

You can leave the front and rear attachment brackets on the truck all the time. I put the rear one on and never took it off, it does not interfere with anything.

This should easily fit any Chevy or GMC 2011 ~ 2016. Maybe other years too? For other years or trucks you also might be able to make your own two attachment brackets and reuse the rest.

A good off the shelf bed rack/platform that’s a lot smaller costs $3k. I spent over twice that having this built and powder coated.

If you have a 5th-wheel and want to use it and haul stuff, this is the way to go!