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I have been looking at this skid plate for a while. The 4 door version is $1300 in black and $1525 in the colored version. My army green pro XP has orange suspension and springs and a few ith parts I have painted orange , so I was interested in the orange one, but wanted to see what it looked like before spending an extra $225....
Unfortunately I couldn't find a single photo of one....
So, I waited till they had a free shipping sale and went for it...
I already had the trail armor a-arm and trailing arm skids in orange installed and have been happy with them.
For the most part the install was really easy, and because of the way they go together you could do it with one person if you had to, though a helper makes things much easier.
I did the install in my garage with all wheels on the ground. I jacked it up off the ground then set it back down. This gave me 3-4 extra inches of room to work.
Thankfully there were only 9 holes I had to drill, the screws are self drilling, but I like to center punch then drill a 1/8" hole first to make it easier. At the very least you want to center punch it, because you are installing most of them on a round tube, so it really wants to walk around if you don't punch it.
The only real issue I ran into was on slider pieces, three holes on one side and one hole on the other side didn't line up with the existing tapped holes in the machine. I used a hot knife to elongate the holes to make it fit. You could use a soldering iron in a pinch.
I don't know if this was a issue with trail armor or if the holes were in the wrong place on my 22 pro XP4, but everything else other than those 4 holes lined up perfectly... The skids do say for 20-21 on the website.. 馃し
Anyway. I'm still happy I went with trail armor.

The install was easy, but not completely smooth. Not really complaining, few things this complex are ..
Following are the issues I had. None of these, even when taken together would cause me to not buy or not recommend this skid plate, just things to take note of, might save you some time.
#1, The u-nuts that go onto the metal plate that joins the main skid with the sides that wrap up for rock sliders don't quite snap into the right place. I don't know if they used to work and they changed providers or what, but they don't fit right. When you snap them into place they go on about 1/16" too far, so the edge of the plate intrudes into the way of the threads. I had figured that just driving the bolt in would pull the u-nut into place, but it definitely didn't, and just stripped the first 1/2" of the first screw I tried. I ended up using a hardened 1/4-20 nut to fix the threads enough to use the bolt, because there were no extras of that particular bolt included (note to self, get a tap-n-die set, would have been a much easier fix with a die nut)... I wish I had taken a picture of the issue because it's hard to explain the issue and the easy fix... Once I knew about it, it was easy to avoid by just bending up the tab that holds the u-nut in place a little with a flathead screwdriver so the plate didn't intrude on front of the threads so far. I didn't damage any other of the bolts or have issues with it. Once I knew about the issue it was easy to avoid.

As stated above, three holes on the passenger side and one hole on the driver side didn't line up on the edge pieces. These are holes that are already there on the pro XP and tapped by Polaris. The front two on the passenger side and the rear three on the driver side lined up perfectly, but the others were off significantly. Not a difficult fix, but annoying and a waste of my time.

Some feedback if anyone from trail armor sees this. Overall the instructions were great, much better than some other instructions I've gotten. Color photos and easy to read are awesome.
If I had any complaints, it's that the instructions don't have a listing of all fasteners and what they look like. When we came to the "serated head bolts" I had to Google it to see what that meant.
Also, you included extras of everything EXCEPT the one bolt I could have used an extra of, which is the serated head bolt mentioned above. The issue came when I installed the first screw into one of the the included u nuts. As I noted above, the nuts don't quite line up. A heads up would have avoided the ruined bolt and the extra time it took to make it usable, since there were no extras. This little issue added about a half hour to my install.

Anyway, it's completely installed now and ready to go. Can't wait to test it out! Loving the looks, glad I went for the orange ones.

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Your pics show the results. Man what a long post that could have been condensed down to about one paragraph with the details. I took the time to read it really wonder if a vendor would. JMHO

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Looks good! you an author? lol
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Wow I guess we know why actual forums are dying in favor of Facebook. That 500 character limit can actually hold today's attention spans long enough to finish... 馃檮
It seems forum posts regardless of the forum are like resumes if it is short and concise it gets read much longer and passed by. I was not trying to rain on your parade I hope you took my comment in the spirit it was given.

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I read it. Long, But it just seemed like a thoroughly told experience about a product and the installation.
I didn鈥檛 see anything about his brothers, cousins, wife鈥檚 Rzr . Everything was related to the post. Seemed fine to me.
I鈥檓 sure it鈥檒l be of help too someone buying the same skid plates .

looks great btw. I kinda like the orange on the green.
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