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Top Secret

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Man Im getting old

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what about the dip in the door ? once im President of Polaris you wont talk to me like this ....
yep shes wonder women I think she was born in Globe Arizona
well my desk will be the new 2010 1/2 .. 1000cc RZR that is all Chrome Plated and Polished with a African Tiger wood Top on the hood ... my office will be right next to the manufacturing Building so I can start up my desk and run the production lines at 75 mph ...ill beaf up the chassis a bit and make all the bolts bigger and thicker mounting points for the arms ... we will have two new models coming out with the 1000 cc 1st one will have a 8" long travel with fox 3.0 shocks and power steering
2nd one will have 30" super swampers tires 4" lift kit and be the same width as the current rzr s model ... both will come with huge focking cvs and axles that are the same on the front and back so a person can buy 1 spare and be done ... both will have atleast a 75 amp charging system a headlights brighter the my mini BIC lighter

to avoid lawsuits I will wrap the hole thing in saftey net and cause its cheap and ill ad wrist restraints so you cant stick your arms out ... when you take the nets or the wrist restraints off and roll your shit and get hurt ill tell you go fock yourself you shouldnt have taken the saftey shit off ...

all dealers will now be required to carry and stock 1 of every part on the machine if they dont the wil be require to pay for next day shipping to the customers door early am
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that the changes id make first day ...
I hope I get to day two its going to be a busy 1st week .. I wana know why we can not build or products in America By Americans and axe THE HOLE MADE IN MEXICO deal ....

then I will be ready to start the Rock Crawler Model with front and rear steering locking diffs turning brakes
I can write checks too... since im salary I can put in a couple of hours of overtime
1 - 9 of 23 Posts
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