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Top Secret

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Man Im getting old

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that part at 2:58, we cant do that no more

come on Mr. Johhny, can we get the dip?
graduated H.S. 1978 - kinda dug matures then and still do

come on Mr. Johnny, how about "the dip" in the door?
chuggin my last coffee, was psyching up for a day of routing komatex, egads, messy .

figured the mature approach would soften you up, important thing is youre talkin

how do you envision your (fantasy) office at the new (fantasy) Polaris H.Q.?
stopped home for lunch and shower....... and i see that in the last 6 hours.........

Mr. Johnny went from "getting an office" to wearing most of the hats: 1) Manufacturing Mgr. 2) Chief Designer 3) electrical it appears 4) Legal and 5) stepping on purchasings toes

he has nice ideas, i like the dealer inventory thing....hadnt thought that out yet. also the common parts thing, nice, very nice. therefore..........

since im new to the company and have spent more time making a cool key ring for my RZR than working on my engine perhaps i should step aside at this point and just write checks.

in keeping with my dream of a new (fantasy) Polaris Company where the input of all RZR Forums.net members is valued it is time for some voting:

Mr. Johnny for president? or other? please chime in folks.......

members: 1 vote and premium: 2 votes.

(footnote: i did send in for premium but doesnt show yet)
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1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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