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A week and a half ago I ordered another Wolfsnout (I ride so much I wore out the first one) as well as a replacement lens for my Wolfsnout goggles. I neglected to choose a color for the lens so I immediately fired off an email to Tim to tell him how I screwed up and can't be trusted to order correctly off a website. ;) He responded right away and said he'd take care of it.

When my package got here the lens was clear, not the color I emailed Tim about. I sent him another email to tell him the wrong one arrived and in short order he responded, apologized for the mix up and said he'd get the right one out ASAP. I told him no worries, not upset I understand how busy it is this time of year.

I got my package today, with a couple lenses! Tim absolutely didn't have to do that. Tim's generous like that. When I ordered my goggles I missed a special by a couple of days but Tim honored that for me as well. It's just awesome to deal with a vendor that acts like he cares about what he does and I feel great spending my money with him. The product is amazing and if you haven't tried the goggles drop the cash on them. They blow away my Oakley's that cost roughly the same. And I couldn't ride in the Arizona desert without a Wolfsnout. Doesn't squish my nose down like other options and does a great job of keeping the fine AZ dust out of my mouth and nose.

Thanks again Tim! Amazing service and an amazing product from an amazing vendor!

Merry Christmas, Tim.

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I love to hear this ! I've never ordered anything from them, but love hearing about great customer service ! In today's society, it's all about price and "how fast can I get it". For any vendor to compete in this game (and make a living) is very hard. And then to have great customer service is way above and beyond what You get anymore.

Great job Tim and crew at Wolfsnout !

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I've dealt with Tim at several events and not only he a cool guy to hang out with, his business etiquette is fantastic.

He's always been more than generous and always goes above and beyond.

A+ in my book.

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