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K&T Performance is excited to announce its alliance with Tower Works to distribute, what we feel is the best RZR suspension package available. This long travel kit was designed by a former BMW factory race car engineer in Europe, and the materials, geometry, and most importantly the durability that comes with that experience are second to none.
Tower Works chooses to build the arms and the shock relocation brackets in aluminum, and the weight savings are huge, up to 70 pounds over comparable kits. The benefits of aluminum are not limited to just to weight, the way it is configured, the 7075 billet aluminum is stronger than the steel alternatives as well. Tower Works also manufactures their own axles as well, out of the strongest steel for this application, 300M, insuring the ultimate in fit, finish and durability.
Our system uses 24” dual rate Fox shocks in front and a 26” dual rate FOX shock in the rear. The only way to get a proper dual rate shock on a RZR is to allow for the installation of at least a 24” shock. As many of you with single rate shock systems on your car already know, you must find a compromise. Either its too stiff to cruise or too soft for the big jumps, maybe the rebound isn’t proper and the shocks pack up in the whoops, whatever it is, it’s very tough, if not impossible to get the car happy in all circumstances with a single rate shock. Not only do we use a dual rate spring, we use a compression and rebound adjustable Fox shock, so the adjustability is near limitless.
All components are built in hose at Tower Works, on state of the art CNC equipment. The kit is sold as a bolt on system, however there are a few holes that end up needing to be reamed a hair for installation, but there is no cutting or grinding and no welding either. The rear shock brace doubles as frame reinforcement and fits with aftermarket exhaust and under the bed completely. Installation is straightforward and a capable back yard mechanic can handle it in a day.
The kits are available in both a +6” and a +8” dimension and they are out 5/8” in front and back 1-1/2” in the rear, for a slight increase in wheelbase as well. The overall wheel travel is near 15 in the rear and solid 14 in front. The ride height is increased a bit with this kit, which is necessary to make sure the end of your travel is not absorbed by your back and the skid plate.
We have a few of these kits on our own stuff and some customers, and we have had excellent results with the shock right of the box. The Tower Works outfitted RZR's we have driven are the best handling and most fun RZR's we have driven.

Please contact Randy, Race, or Kim at K&T performance @801.825.5870 for more information, pricing and availability.


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