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(see what I did there? I named it "official" because I'm a moderator now...he he he :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::poop:)

Probably asking for trouble, but I feel this should be a thing....I've kinda been on a meme kick for the last few weeks and felt we could use some lighthearted entertainment, who doesn't love a good meme?

The Normal Jazz because it has to be said:
All Forum Rules Apply
Don't steal copyrighted pics to make memes
Don't make negative memes toward any member
No Spam/Advertising
Don't get me (or you, or the site, or anyone) in trouble
Keep them clean (cough..forum guidelines apply)...no words most people wouldn't say in front of their grandmas, no NSFW material (you know what that means)...etc etc & etc (seriously, don't be dumb)
Don't get mad if me or the other mods delete one because you didn't follow the rules...
Don't make me delete the thread because we can't follow the rules...
Don't like Memes? Kindly click the RZR Forum logo in the top banner and recalculate your course of browsing :)

I think that covers the lame stuff...onward to the memes

1 - 20 of 258 Posts