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This Subject should be useful for anyone needing to perform this task OR if you don't know any details regarding the Pump, allow you to view it internally.

I talked a GOOD Friend of Mine into Doing the Work as I took the Pictures.:rofl3:
Believe it or not, HE's Still a Good Friend.

Rebuild/Replace Water/Oil Pump Seals - Work Performed by Steven (SuperSPuppy) MASTER Backyard Mechanic

If you must change the Oil Pump Seal, the Engine must be pulled and the Engine Case removed. If only changing the Water Pump Seal, this may be done with the Engine left in.

Picture of Engine Case Oil Seal

Use a Brass Punch to Gently Knock Out the Oil Seal

25 mm Socket

Water Pump Seal

Gently Remove the Water Pump

Water Pump Seal Out of Copper Gasket

Water Pump Seal w/Copper Gasket

Knock out the Oil Seal Behind the Water Pump

Oil Seal in Hole Behind the Water Pump

Needing a bit of a Break and some Humor:scared2:

New Oil Seal

Use a Socket to Knock Out the Copper Water Pump Seal

Gently using the 25 mm Socket to Remove the Seal

Copper Water Pump Seal Removed


Gently/Carefully Trim the Plastic Cover Off the New Water Pump Seal

Clean the Engine Case Cover

Cleaned Seal Inside Weep Hole

Picture of What Weep Hole Looks Like from the Outside

Gently open the New Water Pump Seal Leaving the Top Part of the Seal STILL in the Plastic Cover

This is what if Looks Like without the Cover

Picture of Water Pump Seal JUST sitting in the Engine Case – NOT INSTALLED

REDNECK Water Pump Tool---select a Socket that just fits around the inside rubber pump, so that it is sitting against the Copper Lip on the Seal

Socket Size ??? 1 ¼”

Place the Engine Case on a Flat Solid Surface and Tap the Seal Gently until it is Bottomed Out

Bottom View of Engine Case with Water Pump Seal Installed

Mag Side of Pump Seal

Picture Showing Mag Side

Using a SMALL amount of Gasket Seal to aid in the Installation, HOWEVER NOT RECOMMENDED supposed to be installed DRY

Use a Socket as big as the lip on the Seal MAYBE 1 ¼”

Hand Press the Seal UNTIL it Bottoms Out

Example of Finished Oil Pump Seal Viewed from the Mag Side

NOTE : You can SEE the Weep Hole at the Back of the Water Pump

Oil Seal at Water Pump

Turn the Socket Upside down

Gently push in until it is Flush with the Engine Case

WARNING and SIDE NOTE : Seal is Flush with Outside Engine Case BUT not pressed all the way in against the Water Pump Seal OTHERWISE this would BLOCK the Weep Hole

Place Top Half of Water Pump Seal on Water Pump

Remove Cover

The Link below is to a previous post concerning the Weep Hole

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Glad I found this, I'm going to be doing this very soon! Thanks for taking the time to post this! It should help me out quite a bit, Thanks again!

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