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I dropped by at a local Polaris dealer last week, and they had a RZR Turbo R, a Pro XP and a Trail S. These were available to purchase (not pre-sold units on display). It's great to see some inventory on the floor again.

The dealer is Johnny K's in Elyria, OH. Their price was MSRP. The sales guy I talked to was Matt Fowler, his number is (216) 433-9011. I'm not associated with them, I just wanted to put this out there in case anyone is looking to buy one without the pre-order and wait routine.

If anyone here buys the Trail S, let me know. All of our parts fit the 2021 & 2022 RZR Trail models, but we do have a new rear 2" receiver hitch that we'd like to test-fit. We'd give you a hitch for your trouble (or another part of equal value).

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NideRow by my house has had quite a bit of inventory for a while now, but I wouldn't give them the business unless they paid me to take a machine off their lot.

I hear good things from i69 in TN, I might make the drive there if I'm ever in the market again.
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