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So I don't have to go through the multi paged "OTD prices" thread looking for So Cal prices, please post the best price you bought a new 2010 (only plz) or got quoted on. Don't want to hassle with the out of state purchase/registration ordeal.

Please list the OTD price, shop and salesman if possible.

There are a lot of Polaris dealers in So Cal and it would take two weeks and several tanks of gas to hit each one up. I've found they don't like to talk over the phone or through emails. I'm looking for a good starting point.

Thanks guys (and gals).

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Tom at Palmdale Polaris is always good for at least $500 off MSRP.
He won't quote over the phone, but he will tell you over the phone if he'll give you a deal or not, and that usually means at least $500 to $700 off, sometimes more.

Also, he'll usually give you a good break on the extended warranty, and last we bought there, 20% off all Polaris accessories. Dunno if that is still the case, but it's what we got twice.

We've always felt the Polaris accessories prices are a good deal to begin with, and when ya tack on the price break,, an even better deal.

Most Polaris service Depts are scary and flaky adventures at best, but Palmdale seems to stick up for their customers and make your warranty work. I'm an experienced buyer that believes ya take it back where ya bought it, so a dependable service dept is a must in considering a purchase.

The extended Polaris warranty is essential. You will eventually use it and be bux ahead.

When your trip is ruined because the Rzr S puked, and it will puke,,, at least you have satisfaction knowing you won't be shelling out $1200 to $2200 for repairs.
Especially if it's the second or third time something grenaded.

It's great for re-sale too so perhaps consider the loooong one with the $50 deductable.
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