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2009 rzr
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Hi all.. I've got an '09 800 50" model with a couple issues.

My main issue that I am still having is that while trail riding, running at 2500-4000 RPM the engine runs perfectly. When I slow down, or come to a stop, the RPM falls rapidly and dies... this happens after the engine gets hot, about a half hour into the ride and worsens throughout the day.

I was getting a code 22 so I checked TPS... i concluded it was bad... I replaced it over weekend but cannot get it set. With engine off, key on, i have it set at .529 v. , but i cannot set it at .728 v with engine running because engine wont idle. should I mess with the stop screw on the throttle body?

Also when i have accelerator down 1/3 way it will start, and run at 3000 rpm, but a large ploom of smoke exhausts from my clutch cover... I think this is a new problem but i'm not sure.

I appreciate all input,

Thank you,
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