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Wanted to offer some tips on how to set up your 4 seater RZR to make it as child-safe and mom-approved as possible so we can enjoy family rides (and still keep up). This is our set up for a single toddler. We do mostly wide open dusty and rocky trail rides in the AZ desert.

Obviously the decision to allow your small human to ride in the rzr depends on many factors including location, speed, driver’s abilities, others around you, and of course your level of comfort with risk.

Also I want to say before I start that if your little rides in a car seat, you should not be putting a helmet on the child. The car seat harness works in such a way that the helmet will position the neck in extreme flexion which makes the head and helmet too heavy for the child to hold up, and also creates higher risk for neck injury in an accident.

Stock Rzr cages are garbage, will crumple like an aluminum can even in a low velocity roll. We installed a CageWrx cage (including V intrusion bar for greatest safety) windshield, and roof. This is critical as little one cannot be helmeted.

We also installed a front bumper.

First ride out with stock suspension, I thought the little one was going to get shaken baby syndrome. I moved to the backseat and held her head the whole way home. We have a local off-road suspension manufacturing company, ADS, and had them do a custom rebuild with nice cushy coils. This increases body roll, and may increase chance of rolling your rig if you take a corner too fast, so get accustomed to it before taking the little one out. Still, this was one of the first and most critical modifications we made to accommodate the little.

Goes with suspension to help decrease vibration and improve the ride. Moved up to 32s. This was not a critical move, it made a smaller but still noticeable difference. Hubby somehow convinced me that the bigger tires were “for the baby!” Mmhmm.

Two-fold here. We bought suspension seats which again improved ride quality for smalls. But, second benefit was it allowed us to switch to a bench in the back. We moved car seat to the middle of the bench for maximum safety- primarily in a collision or rollover situation, but also keeps her further from stray branches or mud. Added bonus is more leg room for her!
We tried the HSP seats which in our opinion were terrible. Not much cushion, no lumbar support, generally felt lower quality. Very hard to install and remove. We sold those and went instead with the base model seats/bench from BS Sands in Phoenix which I personally love (they are the same as the Hexis seats sold at RideNow). So comfortable. AND the bench has added bonus of slots in the bench which we use to feed our harnesses through for mounting the car seat.
When installed in the middle, there is no room for other passengers in the back. So, we take the outermost straps of the rear lap harnesses- one from the driver side rear seat and one from the passenger rear seat- run them behind the bench, pop them through the slot openings and connect them in the middle to mount the car seat. There is essentially no wiggle to the seat at all. Be careful when strapping in the car seat that you not create a bulky hard metal object that your kid’s back will press against. When mounting the car seat you many need to offset the buckle or latch to one side or another (we bought buckle style harnesses, not latch, for ease of use).

CARSEAT- bought the most padded one we could find at Costco. Typically, the bulkier the better.

They don’t make racing style neck supports for toddlers that I could find. We found the next best thing online. The brand is Infanzia, it’s a neck pillow that snaps together to keep in place. She only tolerates it when sleeping, but that’s the only time she needs it to help keep her head from rolling around. Benefit is thin in the back, bulky in the front to hold that head in place.

That’s it! Ours took about a year to get it where we wanted it to be for our little, but now I feel as safe as I can be with her in the back.
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