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Here at Ruffstuff, we have somewhat of an un-spoken motto;
Products made by fabricators, for fabricators.

We have all done our time with cut-off, flap-wheels, drills, taps, etc.
and what we have learned is that while we are all surely capable of
making any tab, bracket, stud, etc. we don't all want to spend all
of our time, and money on flap and cut-off wheels.

To save you time, we offer an assortment of products that are strong
and durable, well thought-out and designed to be used as-is or
however you need with a little trimming and shaping.

Most of what we have is available in what we call 'Shop supply kits'
which includes an assortment of similar natured & sized products,
so that you can have a little supply on hand when the need arrives.

We offer more than you'll want to read about from my rambling,
and we are always adding new things to the line-up from folks
at our shop, as well as ideas from customers, so I encourage you
to peruse the site at the link below and see what we've got to
keep your rig playing in the dirt!

Ruffstuffspecialties.com | Fabricator Parts
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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