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"Shop RZR" Seats came in

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Nice looking seats, can't waiting until mine come in. So when is the UTV inc Casino/forum gonna come back online? I'm jonesing for some texas hold'em
it sould be working now Lou
Nope, I am still getting a "database error" message when I try the site. "Cannot decode RAW data"
we are workin on it...
DOOOOOODE!!! Fix it... I need my fix:ride: LOL
its fucked.. sorry.
Well un-fuck it....I'm fucking going bat shit with no 5 card holdem. LOL
Im working on it.. Unfuck my sql and the db errors for me and let my backup talk to vbulletin with out issues and you got it.
I'll get right on that, what are the passwords?:)
It's back!!! Thank you, thankyouverymuch.
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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