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SEMA Photos - Day 1

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There were quite a few RZR and UTV products on the floor today. I'm sure there were a lot more than I was able to get photos of today. The turnout at the show is great so far.

SEMA Photos 2010 | Octane Media
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hmm....been to 7 SEMA's in a row...this is the smallest yet...still some neat stuff tho...

SEMA 2010 Photos | RockCrawler 4x4 and Offroad Magazine
qualify that, your thoughts, just curious
aisles are wider, so less booth rows...booths in the offroad area used to be wall to wall, with 'display-only' vehicles only in the far back...registration was in a tent in the parking lot (which sucked, BTW...)...new products were in one of the other buildings (that area now has a few display cars, but not much...)

The outside car display is 'ok'...but you can get a taxi further into the event this year, areas that used to be filled with display-only vehicles. One company I know well used to display 5-6 vehicles every year...this year, it's two.

I met the SEMA Marketing Director last year at the YEN event, and one of the many discussions we had was regarding attendance. One of the solutions that was implemented was allowing enthusiasts from the forums to attend Friday (hopefully, the RZRForums admins got an invite to push to members). I know a few members from one of my forums are attending, combining it with a vacation weekend in Vegas. Unfortunately, that means attendance by businesses is dwindling.
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1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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