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Well.. my wonderful 5 seat XP4 1000 has finally become a dust collector and I am going to part ways with it. It's been a great machine however the kids are older now and are on bikes and the RZR sits in the shop getting used maybe once a year. Trying to figure out the value of it for sale. I'm not really interested in getting the highest possible price.. seems things are crazy priced these days.. rather just want it gone and in the hands of someone that will use it.

Here is everything I can think of so far that I've done to it:

2018 XP 4 1000
4630 Miles
Seats 5
TFBB Custom Cage and Roof Rack
Factory UTV 3/8 Full Body Skid Plate
Shock Therapy Custom Shock Tune & Springs
Shock Therapy Sway Bar
Shock Therapy Front Limit Straps
Z-Bro's High Clearance A-Arms
Z-Bro's Trailing Arms
Z-Bro's High Clearance Radius Rods
S&B Particle Separator
PRP GT Front Seats
PRP GT Rear Bench Seat (belts for 5 people)
PRP 5 Point Harnesses (Front & Back, total of 5)
PRP Door Bags Front & Back
Rugged Radio 4 place intercom
Rugged Radio 60 Watt Radio
Rugged Forced Air System
Razorback Belt Temp Gauge
New OEM Primary (less than 300 miles on it)
New OEM Secondary with Hunterworks Round Pucks (less than 300 miles on it)
New Fuel Pump (30 miles on it)
Dalton Clutch Kit
Super ATV Rear Rhino Axles
STI 15" Wheels
New BFG 32" Mud Terrain T/A KM3 (80 miles on them) also includes spare with 0 miles on it
Rear Light Bar
Dual Front Light Bars
Seizmik Mirror
Horn & Lit License Plate Holder (Plated in AZ)
Relocated accessory bus to under hood waterproof fuse box
ISOTA Locking Rear Cargo Box. Inside box comes with 2 Gallon Rotopax and mount.
Dragonfly Quick Release Fire Extinguisher

Front & Rear paddles included. CST paddles on Douglas Wheels.

Any thoughts would be great.

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If its original you can probably get what you paid new selling it out right. Any mod's are going to limit buyers as what appeals to you may not appeal to them. You might have better luck not advertising all the mod's?
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Most times you should plan on getting blue book for the machine in its stock form and not factor in the aftermarket parts. If I had 20,000 to spend on a machine and you had a $10,000 machine with $10,000 worth of parts I’m not going to think about paying you $20,000 for it. If I want to spend all that money on parts I’ll buy them myself so I know where they came from and that I got them installed the way I want them. Some people see a list of aftermarket parts and it tells them the machine has been put through the ringer…
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