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I've found Google to be a much better way to search RZR Forums for pretty much anything. The internal search engine is a let down. For some things I've tried searches and come up with nothing (fact supported by others here), only to later find it with a proper Google search. Here's what you do......From Google toolbar or Google.com, use the syntax below with what you're looking for (bold below) and Google will search rzrforums.net ONLY. You can use the same syntax to search other sites too with lots of site specific information...... .gov or .edu as well. For example site:cisco.com BGP

You need to use this exact syntax or it won't work..... No spaces between the word "site:" and the site you're trying to search.....then a space and the term(s) you're looking for.

site:rzrforums.net skid plate

All threads with the words "skid plate" in them

site:rzrforums.net exhaust

All threads with the word "exhaust" in them.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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