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Sand Mountain Oct 6-10. Columbus Day.

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We will be at Sand Mountain, Nevada October 6-10 for Columbua Day. Everyone is welcome to join!

1. DanNorCal

Sign up if you will be there!:pint:
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I want to go, but I have a race the following weekend in Mesquite, NV
Spoke with the wife today and said sure, so count me in for that weekend. Can't leave until Friday morning.
I still need to replace my rear diff and get the trans gear welded before I break it.
Dan I think you need to remind us everyday with a post
Starting to look forward to going. I have yet to go and get to ride with other rzr's
My motor is completely stock, so yes
I have a 5 and 8 year old coming with me. We usually camp by the first bathrooms because there is some real hard pack for my 5 year old.
My 8 year old will ride the dunes in his Apex 90. The 5 year old has a 70 but goes slow just around camp.
The Apex's are nice race ready quad for these little guys. My son flat tracks his mostly, but is starting to run the mx tracks with it. Hoping for him to do WORCS next year.
I dont know about the whiskey but I will have some beers.....lol
We will get the other Chris to go.
We still have a full list going? 1 week left
I now have 2 other trailers coming. Total 2 rzr's and 7 quads
I have kids coming, but we are going to be camping just before the first bathrooms in the hard pack. I have a 5yo and 8yo, also friends coming have 10yo and a 12yo.
I pull mine all over the place with a full 160 gallons of water and 28 gallon of gas plus the toys. Got to love the Dodge
I pull mine all over the place with a full 160 gallons of water and 28 gallon of gas plus the toys. Got to love the Dodge
LOL O sht now we are going to have guys make this a truck section Dan is going to be pissed :rofl3:
No, I am all good with my old ass truck. It does the job is all I care about. All just fun and games.:ride::ride:
Sand Mountain October 6-10!!

1. DanNorCal wed-sun
2. johnnycat
3. Frank Adams
4. Controledforce
5. karter44
6. Beach Leo
7. motosx friday-sun
8. Bob FUTV
Nice to see a vender coming with us. Bring extra parts cause it sounds like JC8 breaks alot:rofl3:
Can am 800 or 1000?
Couple of 1000's... We'll be breaking them in nice and easy... Going with the drive it like you stole it method :ride:
I thought that is the only way to break in a motor:rofl3:
This is what my trailer looks like and we will be camping by the first bathrooms. I will be leaving early Friday morning(trying to leave Thursday night)


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1 - 20 of 306 Posts
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