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rzr was stolen!

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Hey guys my rzr was stolen a while back now... if anybody sees it or knows of its whereabouts let me know and you will recieve a $2000 reward if it leads to me getting it back. thanks

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Law enforcement should have a list or database for tires to determine the brand size and model of the tire.

It is also possible to determine what type of vehicle left the tire prints.
yea that sounds exactly like what they did! Good news tho!!! the dumb idiots came back this morning to steal more stuff from some of my neighbors... we were all waiting for them this time! called the police and they caught them! my buddy thats a sherriff had to bring his dog and tracked them thru the woods and field here... there were 4 mexicans from the dallas area. they had dope on them, were armed and were on foot walking around getting what they could and had an old black ford expidition with a stolen black enclosed trailer waiting down the road... now hopefully they can pin my stuff being stolen on them and at least find them...
Hope ya get your shit back intact.

Hope they charge the scum up the ass too.
1 - 2 of 137 Posts
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