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Rzr, hard start cold... Help

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My 09 RZR 800 has some issues when starting. Usually, when the engine is cold, you crank the engine, and it will start, and usually cough out of the intake a couple times then die. If you restart it, it will usually run great, and have no issues. Usually just the first, cold start.

Today I noticed it did the same thing, but once it was warm, if I shut it off, it would ocassionally Cough throught he intake every once in a while at an idle. I recently took off the throttle body, and cold air intake off and cleaned them. Im not sure if this would have caused anything.

Anyhow, what can make this thing keep coughing through the throttle body? Would that be bad plugs, or? Thank you for any help you can provide!
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On top of valve cover... Therenis a schrader valve (valve stem type fitting) u cam hook up there and test pressure with a fuel pressure kit.

U want 39 psi

Airtex E-8335

Mine did same thing... Changed pump couple weeks ago and runs like a champ!
PS. Read the changing the fuel pump sticky thread! It's a major helpful thread!
Yes 39psi not running as well... There is a regulator on pump assembly...
Could be trash clogging filter up... But more than likely pump going bad.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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