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RZR Doors by Race Proven Motors

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You want the highest quality door available for your RZR, look no further.

Installs in minutes with factory mounting points. No drilling, cutting, etc required.

Highlights: Has the look, feel and function of a real automotive door (no suicide doors here!), fully tig welded, auto self locking slam latch, precision machined aircraft grade hinge bushings, hand formed sheetmetal, low profile mounting hardware, powdercoated a light textured and very durable semi gloss black.

Current Pricing:
$695 (low)
$749 (tall)

All RZR Forum Members get 10% the above pricing

any questions, please contact me at [email protected]

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My dog "pookie bear":ride: can't see over the top of the higher doors, Is there any way you can make the top edge with some sort of glass or small window for "pookie" ?? :rofl3:
Seriously though,Are the Tall and wide ones made out of aluminum now?
I'm very interested and would like some close up pictures of the latch system if you don't mind.:popcorn:
Ordered mine today! RZR DOORS - FULL PROTECTION
From what I know,just about any doors ( that are not the "narrow" 50 inch wide trail doors ) will work with aftermarket seats,you may need to buy lowering bases or something, check the forum archives or do a search for aftermarket seats with doors.
After using mine in the dunes for several months I would have to say they are holding up quite well for me too!
Alot better then some of the others I have seen with rusted latches and hinges. I guess those types of doors were only ment to look good in the showroom.
I expected some squeeks, rattles and loose this or that by now, But still just as good as new!
RPM's craftsmanship are sure standing the test of time IMO.
Thanks Mike :)
With your schedule and mine I figured it was going to be a challenge,But you came through!

Do you know of any vinyl or graphics companies working on a kit for your doors?
I have been hearing a lot of " I wish they had graphics for thier doors".
Where is our graphics we are waiting :rofl3:
X2 where are the graphics for the LE? Been waiting a very long time for those.
I think it's going to have to be make your own, the texture of the door skins is for keeping dirt,mud,scratches and unfortunately stickers. I have tried several different types and methods of appling them to the door and they always come off... I know Mike would to offer us something but there seems to be nothing out there he can stand behind as a good product. My .02
I would be more interested in the Low doors. Do you have any completed pictures with dzus on the low doors?
I don't know what the dzus is but this is the Low profile doors.


Opens Automotive style

See less See more
Black buttons would look better to me. Glad you have some choices. After all the searching I have it narrowed down to two doors. (you have a couple of points extra for the conventional opening)
The Automotive style opening was the selling point for me,I don't feeling like I'm crawling into the back seat. The fit,finish and quality is amazing!
Ok,It has been a over a year since I purchased the RPM high doors and had one problem with them,The passengers side latch was loose from day one and just progressively got worse. Since it is just a latch and not something built by RPM,They asked me to send it in,so they could look at it.next thing I knew I got a replacement in the mail,free of charge! Awesome customer service.
Even after a frame bending collision with another RZR my RPM doors are still as good as new!
1 - 9 of 124 Posts
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