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RZR Doors by Race Proven Motors

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You want the highest quality door available for your RZR, look no further.

Installs in minutes with factory mounting points. No drilling, cutting, etc required.

Highlights: Has the look, feel and function of a real automotive door (no suicide doors here!), fully tig welded, auto self locking slam latch, precision machined aircraft grade hinge bushings, hand formed sheetmetal, low profile mounting hardware, powdercoated a light textured and very durable semi gloss black.

Current Pricing:
$695 (low)
$749 (tall)

All RZR Forum Members get 10% the above pricing

any questions, please contact me at [email protected]

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@norcal... send an email to [email protected] and i'll send you a video clip of us shaking the doors (or trying to..lol). The hinge bushings are precision machined from delrin and have zero slop. They are pressed into the tube and the shaft is polished to the exact size so its almost a press fit (and because its not metal on metal like most of the other doors you can hold a tight tolerance without galling/marring/scratching/rusting, etc. We also final machine each hinge tube on the lathe to ensure when you slide the door onto the frame (after the bushings are pressed into place) there is no up/down movement. The door needs to be perfectly level to the mating side in order to slide together.. If you are off a degree or two it will not slide together. Because we wanted them to feel solid and not wobble around like all the other doors we had to make the tolerance tight. I would have to say this alone is whats gonna set our doors apart from the rest. It truely has the feel of opening a car door.

We will likely pre-assemble the doors / hinge mechanism prior to shipping so all you guys have to do is bolt them on. Probably 5 minutes per side.

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Whats the weight on these?
Each assembled door is 15 lbs. The door frame is 6 lbs.

Is shipping included in the $595?
No, but local pickup is available and i would be happy to deliver to Glamis/Dummont/Pismo whenever we go riding.

where is th elink to them on your site?
working on adding all the products to the cart. We registered a few domain names, so stay tuned.. Right now we have been 100% focused on R&D and making sure we deliver the best quality products. For now just contact me via Phone or Email.

What would shipping be to 75115? Also, do the doors open up past 90 degrees for easy entrance/exit?
The doors open up past 90.. Maybe 120 degrees. PM pending for shipping quote.

so are they made for the xp only or is the "s" availble too?
I am anticipating they will fit all years/models but need to actually install them first.. If anyone is in the LA area and wants a deal on doors to check fitment on models other then the XP900, let me know.

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Not really... However if you want them easily removeable, then you just need to drill out the delrin bushings a few thousands of an inch so the hinge pin slides in and out easily. The looser the fit the easier they will come apart. We wanted them as rigid as possible, so we kept the tolerance super tight but still allowing them to swing like they are on ball bearings.

As for which year/model the doors will fit, I'm fairly certain any one which has the factory hip bar which previously bolted to the stub pictured below. The other mounting locations are the front 2 bolts for the cage and the rear 2 bolts for the cage (all standard)

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Door videos with 60 second install here:

We're gonna do an intro price on them as well for $595, but i think they will end up being an additional $50 retail per pair over the "low profile".. There is alittle bit more work in them.

Some of you may never see what gets covered up by powdercoating, but rest assured our quality is second to none!!

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Doors come fully assembled and powdercoated. Install is a snap!!!

Shipping has been averaging 40-50 bux

Non RZR4 doors yet but I'm looking for a donor and a way to adapt our current doors to all models.

Thanks to all for your orders! Please leave feedback when you install them.
Please call me Monday. 877-turbo-11

We just need to modify the rear tab for the hinge mount. Not a big deal, were working on it but could use a donor. We have a rzr4 at the shop and I think it will be the same. I will keep everyone up to date.
How much wider will the half doors make the 50" RZR?
the doors will not make the RZR any wider.. the low profile or half doors do not kick out. The tall doors with 4" kickout would probably be even with the standard fender flares, and well inside of the XP flares.
RPM Full Protection Doors with Cage Kit.

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By looking at a few pics I'm pretty sure both styles will work with suspension seats. The full protection doors kick out, but the low profile do not. I'll have to document some measurements and report back with the results.
6061-T6 aluminum door frames = 6.5lbs vs 13.2 lbs in steel.

Regarding the door width, inside measurement from tube to tube is roughly 48" where they kick out.. Pictured above is my kids suspension seat. It is 21" wide, centered on the seat base... If i recall most adult suspension seats are approx the same width. I know the ones in my rhino are actually closer to 19", but i specifically bought them because they were more narrow then the other brands..

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We are in Chatsworth, San Fernando Valley. Out of all the options our doors are probably the easiest to get in/out of. Before we designed our doors we looked at and tested pretty much all of the other brands and did our best to make something even better. Most people will claim their doors don't rattle, however those same doors drove me nuts(and yes I'm talking about some of the top 3 choices). So certain people have higher expectations and I am one of them. In all reality 95% of the buyers will never know the difference and buy based on looks alone, but we like to cater to the 5% that appreciates the extra effort we put in. Please come by and check them out since you are local

And regarding the flag comment. Yeh, it doesn't get any cheesier I agree. I put my flag on my 4 yr olds quad earlier in the day.
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thanks for sharing..

btw, the graphics came out amazing!!!!
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