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RZR 900 XP Rear Hitch.

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Sneak peak pre sand blasting and powder coating, and showing off the heavy duty welds and heavy duty.....EVERYTHING!

This will accommodate a standard automotive draw bar and the gussets are made so you can use them as tie down points or tow points. Everything is 1/4" thick steel and welded from both sides of the plate. The Receiver is made with 1/4" wall Hitch stock, not just thin C Channel with a thin bottom plate welded in to close it off.

I'll post more pics after powder coating, I plan to coat 1 in red and 1 in black for starters...

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These will be priced at $99 each, I will try to keep a couple on the shelf in both red and black so you have the option for either color. These are EXTREMELY heavy duty, anyone that knows my stuff knows thats just how we role here ;)
Looks good RD, as always.

when is the lift kit for the 900 going to be availiable.
I have it ready to go, I just sold out of my first batch of kits but if you can wait a week or 2 I hope to have it revised so you can install the kit once, then change it back to stock in a matter of minutes by pulling 6 bolts and moving the shocks back to the stock locations ;) This was requested by a couple friends that like to play in the deep mud with big tires and also like to put on a smaller set of trail tires and do some high speed trail running.
Very nice, professional fab-work, Rubberdown, but you're WAY overkill on your material thicknesses (by a factor of about 2), which only adds weight. 1/8-inch A-36 would be more than adequate for pulling up to 10,000 pounds! What are you going to pull, locomotives? My two-bits......

I know its a little overkill, BUT thats just how I like to make my stuff. I dont want it to EVER break, or fail, or let a customer down. This is why we feel safe offering a lift time warranty on our lift kits....and these of course ;) As far as weight, its not that big of a part to make it a huge noticeable difference....
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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